Gulam Jamal
Amazon AWS Cloud Architects, DevOps Specialists

We can help you reduce your Amazon AWS costs, migrate your existing infrastructure to AWS and/or build an efficient automated infrastructure on Amazon Cloud using Agile methodologies

We enable you to focus on your business by providing you DevOps expertise, managing your infrastructure to support your development process thereby allowing you to grow your business.

We are skilled team of Amazon Application Architects, DevOps specialists. You are hiring an expert technical team to drive your business forward.

How We Can Add Value

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Migrating to Amazon AWS Cloud

We can help you migrate your existing infrastructure to Amazon AWS. We have a phased approach to reduce risk and create immediate productivity gains. With accepted Agile best practices we can quickly architect, configure and deploy a secure, redundant, fail-safe solution to meet your requirements. We can continue to manage and support your goals so you can focus on growing your business.

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Reducing Your Amazon AWS Costs

Have you had your AWS costs audited by AWS experts. Studies show 85% of AWS accounts are overpaying for their needs. We can review your current infrastructure and identify methods to help you reduce your AWS expense. Setup a FREE cost analysis review.

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Providing DevOps Expertise

Want to have your AWS infrastructure stable and well designed. We provide you the expertise to architect and setup Continuous deployment and delivery as per Agile requirements, Automated Provisioning to meet your Failover, Scaleability and Elastic server requirements.


Angela Armstrong
CEO at Prime Capital Leasing
Gulam has proven himself over many years of our relationship to have a strong commitment to excellence. He is focused and goal oriented and approaches his endeavours with intention, and integrity. With excellent communication skills, Gulam always ensures that his efforts exceed expectations. I would not hesitate to work with Gulam in any capacity.
Matt Cox
Gulam is always very focused on the end goal and getting to it as efficiently as possible. He pushes himself hard to deliver excellent results. He impressed me most with his above average emphasis being successful in whatever he does and it shows in his results.

Doug F.
VP, Technology at SERMO
Rob is possibly the best, DevOps systems administrator I have ever worked with.He is fluent with systems, databases, mail servers, application servers, file and web servers, etc. His ability is matched equally by his dedication; at times the only thing keeping the company afloat was Rob's perseverance. Finally, Rob's loyalty was absolute...I would love to work with Rob again in the future and I wish him all the best in his endeavors.

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